Swim Lessons Program: July Session

Description: Swim lessons will be led by Penn State Altoona head men’s and women’s swim coach, Brad Brooks. The lessons are designed to focus on developing swimming skills in the water in a safe and fun environment. Swim lessons include small groups, hands-on instruction, and adequate, age-appropriate swim drills to allow each swimmer to meet their individual goals. Groups will be capped at 4 swimmers to ensure that each participant gets necessary attention from the instructor.

About the Lessons Coordinator: Head men’s and women’s swim coach at Penn State Altoona, Brad Brooks, is excited to offer swim lessons to the Altoona community. His experience includes over 500 hours of in-water lessons teaching, along with coaching at the club, high school, and collegiate levels. He looks forward to helping everyone improve their swimming skills!

Levels Offered:

Level 1: Basic Skills: Water safety, kicking, floating, instructor assisted movements

Level 2: Intermediate Skills: Swimming basic strokes, alternate breathing, diving

Level 3: Advanced Skills: water treading, stroke technique, diving

**minimum of age 4 for all levels, and must have some lessons experience to sign up for levels 2 and 3

Dates: Tuesdays/Thursday

July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, and 25

TimesEach session is 4 participants maximum


Level 1: Basic             4:15-4:45pm               Registration Link:             https://bit.ly/2KRHD0e

Level 1: Basic             5:00-5:30pm               Registration Link:             SOLD OUT

Level 2: Intermediate  4:15-4:45pm              Registration Link:             https://bit.ly/2KOd63r

Level 3: Advanced     5:00-5:30pm                Registration Link:             https://bit.ly/322oeyK


Where: Adler Natatorium @ Penn State Altoona
Fee: $70 per session

For more information and/or questions, contact:

Brad Brooks  Bub650@psu.edu and/or 814-949-5416 or John Carey Jrc235@psu.edu and/or 814-949-5468